About K2

At Kids Kottage, we believe in sui generis gifts and talents of every child, and our role is to help every child to be the best by developing their abilities, shaping their personality and building their character.

We offer a special opportunity to children between the ages of 18 months and 6 year olds not only to begin their education in an exceptionally caring environment, but also to become part of a multi-cultural family by developing a greater sense of self and a better understanding of the world around them.

Learning through innovative play-way methods encourages analytical thinking abilities and continually stimulates the children's natural curiosity that fuels their enthusiasm for learning.

With a blend of state of the art teaching methods and extracurricular activities and a group of well equipped teacher cum facilitator, our kids make a giant leap in the field of education in a culturally diverse world!

Children learn by observing others and imitating what they see and hear. They imitate values and attitudes that they see in their parents, teachers and peers. Children not only absorb knowledge and life skills, they also develop their character

You can have confidence that your kid gets the best care and education possible at Kids Kottage Pre-school.

1. Advisory Board

Advisory Board of the Kids Kottage Pre-school includes leading educationists and renowned personalities. We are privileged to have the advice and guidance of these accomplished individuals. We have benefitted greatly by their enormous experience and their valuable suggestions. Kids Kottage Pre-school continues to be steered by the distinguished men and women who constitute our honored Advisory Board.

2. Our Approach to Education

We give your child the tools to explore the world around and become confident. In a caring and stimulating atmosphere all-around, our passionate and dedicated teachers give your child endless opportunities to grow, learn, and imagine.

We recognize that the first six years of a child are crucial for the growth and development of linguistic, conceptual, and social competence.

Our curriculum is not confined to the classrooms it includes interactions at meals, singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate.

Our curriculum is organic, child-initiated, and primarily experiential. A child's inherent desire to learn is acknowledged and facilitated, not forced or squelched.

Kids Kottage Pre-School hires only qualified and dedicated staffs who share our philosophy, goals and helps us in creating positive childhood experiences, and interactions in a loving, responsive and stimulating learning environment.

We hope that each child who passes through the portals of Kids Kottage Pre-School finds his learning experience fruitful and enriching. The Kids Kottage Pre-School Board of Directors, management and staff, wish you the best for the year ahead.

3. Our mission Kids Kottage Pre-School is committed to provide a humanistic educational challenging & supportive environment that is developmentally appropriate for early childhood age.

4. Our Vision to deliver the best quality care and early learning for children with parental involvement.

5. The Aim of the School

The aim of Kids Kottage Pre-School is: "To nurture your dreams with our dedication"

We believe that all the children should have opportunity to succeed and that success often happens when learning is backed by a caring family environment.

So our aim is

• To provide opportunities for all our kids to learn and achieve.
• To promote kids spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for responsibilities and experiences of life.
• To train them, to be safe, healthy and make positive contribution to the nation in terms of citizenship and economic importance.
• To develop our children, to make them focused and motivated learners who are aware of their strengths and shortcomings.
• To be creative, innovative and flexible.
• To teach them to respect and care for others showing kindness and consideration.
• To teach them to be secular in beliefs, cultures and views of others.
• To teach them to be co-operating & infuse team spirit in them.
• To make them aware of the important role they have to play in the maintenance of the environment and work place.