School Information

1. Our Team

A teacher plays a crucial role in the early years of a child's life. Only a professionally qualified and trained teacher will be able to capitalise on the curiosity of a child and enable learning and develop skills in an innovative manner. In order to create a bond between the school and the child, each teacher truly needs to understand, and provide attention to each child they encounter.

Here at Kids Kottage Pre-School, we ensure you that our highly skilled teachers are confident & enthusiastic and well equipped to teach children of the 21st century and are responsive to the needs and concerns of young parents. Our mentors possess the ability to listen, share, respect others, laugh, cry, move on, teach and transfer information, ask for forgiveness, admit when they make a mistake, know that they are not perfect and do make mistakes, they have patience beyond measure, observe and set boundaries and most importantly think outside the box. To ensure individual attention, we maintain a very healthy teacher child ratio which is 1:15.

Constant training allows our teachers to hone their own skills and ensure a creative and innovative approach to classroom practices.00000

2. School Amenities

• Spacious, well-equipped Air-conditioned classrooms for a comfortable and challenging learning environment
• Art & Craft area for activities which develop creative talents and Fine Motor Skills
• Indoor discovery play area with puzzles, manipulative and blocks corner to encourage creativity, problem-solving and cognitive development
• Dramatic play area to encourage imagination and interaction
• Carpeted music area
• Attractive furniture that is age appropriate, non-toxic and colorful. It captures the child's imagination from the moment he/she enters the classroom and engages in the stimulating activities planned for the day.
• Complete CCTV Surveillance monitoring all the movements in the school campus ensuring complete safety of your child.
• Online web streaming.
• High standard of cleanliness and hygiene.
• School also equipped with Fire Fighting Extinguishers.

3. Admission Procedure:

I. Registration for admission continues round the year.

II. Parents need to submit the completed application form to the School Office along with the following and the fee:

a. Birth certificate (photocopy)
b. Immunization certificate
c. 8 passport size photos

4. Fee Rule:

I. Tuition fee can be deposited on quarterly or monthly basis as per the convenience of the parents.

II. The following dates constitute the last date of payment of the tuition fee for quarterly mode

1st installment 10th April
2nd installment 10th July
3rd installment 10th October
4th installment 10th January

III. For monthly mode, the last date of payment of the tuition fee will be 10th of every month.

IV. After the final date of payment, the fee is received with a fine of 10 Rs. per day up to the grace period of maximum 10 days per month.

V. If the fee is paid by cheque and the cheque is returned unpaid by the bank, a charge of Rs 500 is made to cover administrative cost in addition to the late fee charges (if applicable).

VI. After the grace period, the student's admission is subject to cancellation and re-admission of the student is conditional upon

a. the full payment of the Admission Fee
b. the full payment of all outstanding dues
c. a vacancy in the class, since the place might have been offered to another applicant, and
d. recommendation by the Head of the school for re-admission of the student

VII. Tuition fees normally increase at the rate of 5-15% per year.

VIII. Payments are to be made preferably by cheque/DD in favour of………………...